"Quantum mechanics is not itself a theory [but] the framework into which all contemporary physical theory must fit."     -Murray Gell-Mann

TCI/NBO Support Staff

UW-Chemistry Librarian (aandrea@library.wisc.edu): NBO bibliography compiler

Information Technology Specialist, DOIT, UW-Madison (eric_simons@wisc.edu), TCI/NBO e-store manager

CARA JENKINS UW-Chemistry Business Services; TCI/NBO business affairs manager (tcinbo@chem.wisc.edu)

Other Contributors

Tom Scharbach (website design), John Markley, Milo Westler, and Roger Chylla, UW-Biochemistry NMRFAM (computational resources)

Alumni Contributors

Foo Zhi Yuan

Java programming assistant [Foo Zhi Yuan (zfoo@wisc.edu); Jmol/NBOPro graphical interfacing]

John Carpenter (Virology Biosciences Program, U. Iowa, john-carpenter@uiowa.edu);
Christine Morales (Dept. Chemistry, Hawaii Pacific Univ., cmorales@hpu.edu);
Alan Reed (alanreed@nc.rr.com)

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Jochen Autschbach

Professor of Chemistry, SUNY-Buffalo (jochena@buffalo.edu): Programmer; ADF interfacing; relativistic and magnetic properties

Jay Badenhoop

Professor of Chemistry, Potomac State College, W. Va. Univ. (JKBadenhoop@mail.wvu.edu): Programmer, steric properties

Steve Baker

Scientific and Research Systems Administrator, Indiana State University (Steve.Baker@indstate.edu): Systems programmer, message-passing interface

Jon Bohmann

Sr. Research Scientist, Southwest Research Institute (Jonathan.Bohmann@swri.org): Programmer; Gaussian interfacing; chemical shielding properties

Eric D. Glendening

Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Indiana St. Univ. (eric.glendening@indstate.edu): Lead programmer; GAMESS and NWChem interfacing; website editor; NBO Forum administrator; NRT, NEDA, multi-center bonding properties

Bob Hanson

Professor of Chemistry, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota (hansonr@stolaf.edu): Programmer; graphical Jmol-NBO interfacing

Padeleimon Karafiloglou

Professor of Chemistry, Aristotle Univ., Thessaloniki, Greece (karafilo@chem.auth.gr): Programmer; polyelectron population properties

Clark Landis

Professor of Chemistry, UW-Madison (landis@chem.wisc.edu): Website editor; textbooks and workshops author; MacOSX GenNBO/NBOView; organometallic properties

Kirk Peterson

Professor of Chemistry, Washington St. Univ. (kipeters@wsu.edu): Interface to Molpro, Dalton, Dirac programs; computational actinide chemistry

J. R. Schmidt

Assoc. Professor of Chemistry, UW-Madison (schmidt@chem.wisc.edu): Programmer; WebMO/NBO coordinator; surface & solid state properties

Frank Weinhold

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, UW-Madison (weinhold@chem.wisc.edu): Programmer; website editor; textbooks author; stereoelectronic and intermolecular properties

Mark Wendt

Physical Chemistry Lab Director, UW-Madison (wendt@chem.wisc.edu): Programmer; graphical specialist; NMR properties

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